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tv   News  ABC  October 21, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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mills at 53. we're looking at clear skies with a few clouds trying to float through across downtown one thing i did notice this morning, a little bit of fog developing around the loch raven reservoir, that is floating across the top side of the beltway. if you live near a waterway perhaps there's some fog forming, looks like haze on the camera lens in brooklyn park middle school in anne arundel county. a mild 51 but could be some areas of patchy fog or low clouds to deal with. most of us low 40s. if you're going for the run hang on. this afternoon we'll aim for a high of 73 degrees. 5:30. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. the west side of the outer loop at liberty road traffic is moving about pretty smoothly as you make your way towards route 70. a little shaky of the camera, i guess it's breezy about but aside from that all our overnight construction projects have been picked up and the earlier gas main leak in baltimore city on northern parkway has been picked up. traffic looking good.
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this is the bw parkway at 695, traffic looks great at this time. back to you. he's already awaiting trial for the 1981 rape and now he's been charged in connection with a second rape. 58-year-old hermen bolling is being held in a baltimore county detention center without bail. he was arrested in january and charged for rape in 1981. now he's been charged with a second rape from 1980. >> detectives began looking at some of the other unsolved rape cases and particularly ones that had some detail this other one he had committed had. in fact they found one and it happens to be this one from 1980. they submitted the information, they had submitted the dna and in fact got it in a few days ago that he's responsible for that one. his dna matches the evidence recovered from the scene. >> in the 1980 rape a man broke into a woman's apartment in
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woodlawn, put a knife to her throat and raped her. in 1981, the crime there, the man armed with a handgun forced his way to a home in franklin, tied her hands, raped her, then tried to suffocate her as well as strangle her. who is vandalizing cars? it's near the gunpowder state park. over the past week or so dozens of cars in that area have been broken into our vandalized. neighbors think kids are responsible. >> they went through my husband's car, ransacked the car, didn't find anything they wanted. any car, had a day planner i kept money in it, in case of emergency. they took that. >> neighbors are in the process of creating a community watch and are hoping by putting more eyes out there on the streets they will get their neighborhood back to what it was once, quiet and safe. 5:32. here's a look at what's
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happening today. october 21st. the baltimore county department of health is having their 12th annual mental health town hall meeting and health fair. the baltimore public art commission will determine potential sites for the frank zappa sculpture. 5:33. has your school been hit with the flu? >> it seems more kids are coming down with the h1n1 the numbers are back up. and they are really supporting that claim. so here's abc2 news linda so. she has more. >> reporter: since september more than half of those hospitalized with swine flu have been younger than 25. it's becoming clear that h1n1 is targeting children. dr. ann shookit who heads the cdc says swine flu is disproportionately affecting the young. that is why they are considered a high private group for the vaccine. the disease seems to be passing over the elderly though. it's believed older adults may have some immunity because they've already been exposed to swine flu-like viruses in the past. though there's been a push to get kids vaccinated many parts
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of the country simply don't have enough vaccines to go around. >> we just don't have control over how much vaccine is going to be coming to the health departments or states. >> reporter: the government ordered a total of 250 million doses but so far only 12348 -- 12 million have been made available. linda so, abc2 news. >> if you have still not been vaccinated for the h1n1 virus, there's a couple of clinics today. the first one, at the baltimore hebrew congregation on park heights avenue, 10:00 this morning, ends at 4:00 in the afternoon. for more information on where to get the h1n1 vaccine in your area, head to our web site now at you'll find a complete list and also you'll find information on the health department's web site. kind of breaks down the clinics by county and also at you can find a list of foods that can boost your immune system and help prevent the h1n1 virus. time now 5:34.
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even a demand for the seasonal flu vaccine is much higher than the supply and as a result harford county is now cancelling the rest of its community seasonal flu clinics. the county says the demand this year has been higher than years past and they have just run out. that doesn't affect the school-based seasonal flumist program for the children. kindergarten through eighth grade will still get the vaccination after getting the h1n1 shot. better health by the book. >> a lot of stuff about our health we can't control but we can control our diet and how much activity we get. >> a local hospital finds a way to add years to your life and then take years off your appearance. sounds pretty good? >> yeah. >> we'll explain how it works. alicia keys leaving the recording studio. we'll find out what happened here. before you head out the door, here's justin. >> 5:35. we have temperatures downtown in the low 50s. setting up for another beautiful day. the complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes.
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or you can sneak a peek at the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. 5:35. on the clock. let's check the commute with mark. >> the commute start is a good one now on light rail and metro subway. on the marc train system penn 401 presently running 30 to 35 minutes late. a cancellation on the penn 400, cancelled. the other trains and lines of marc are on time. on the buses the number 17 with a diversion at corporate and international. ongoing construction there. a heavy volume of passengers on the 20, 7, 17 and 5 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. today i'm making a classic sweet potato pie...
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5:39 wednesdays are kind of glorious. middle of the week. especially after yesterday, so sunny and beautiful out. >> let's keep the attract going. >> we're going for a trifecta here. three days in a row of 70-degree temperatures. nice recovery from the 40s we had last week. 45 now in both baltimore and easton. 40 up in york. and 51 hagerstown. we are looking at a relatively mild morning across most of the region. jamie is driving the bus today and we'll call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny. most of us mid-40s. not nearly as chilly as the frosty conditions we had
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yesterday. and more about that big warm-up coming up in a bit. 5:39. here's kim brown with traffic. >> thank you. 695 on the west side at liberty road, traffic is building some but still moving steadily. no accidents or incidents to let you know about at this time. the tunnels are checking in pretty clean. and southbound 95 from the whitemarsh area heading to the 695/895 split traffic looks great there too. 95 northbound coming through howard county headed towards baltimore traffic looks great in both directions. back to you. 5:40. millions of doses are available. >> and millions want to get protected from the h1n1 virus. >> and there's another sobering reminder why children should be vaccinated first. i'm linda so. why swine flu seems to be targeting the young. ♪
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"good morning maryland" time now 5:44. another night of worrying over your child that has come down with the flu. >> it's hitting our kids very hard. linda so has the latest. >> reporter: the nation's top doctor says swine flu is a young person's disease since september more than half of those hospitalized with h1n1 have been younger than 25. dr. ann shookit who heads the cdc says the swine flu is targeting children. that's why there's been such a big push to get kids vaccinated first. the disease seems to be passing over the elderly though. it's believed older adults may have some immunity to h1n1 because they've already been exposed to swine flu-like viruses in the past.
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>> this h1n1 virus is disproportionately affecting the young and of course that is one of the reasons they've been a target population for the vaccination effort. >> reporter: but there's a catch. many parts of the country simply don't have enough vaccines to go around. so far just over 12 million doses have been made available out of the 250 million doses the government has ordered. later this morning lawmakers and top health officials will gather on capitol hill to look at the government's response to swine flu. in the studio, lipped listened, abc2 news. in other news -- four people are recovering in the hospital after fire crews responded to the 3700 block of overview road. happened around 8:30 last night. the victims were checked out for what fire officials think could have been carbon monoxide poisoning. they were all taken to the hospital, we're told everybody is expected to be ok. this morning the man who is being questioned in a hit-and-run death of a rising johns hopkins university student is back on the streets. the driver who police believe struck and killed miriam frankl
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of chicago turned himself in on monday but was released after being questioned. that suspect has four drunk driving convictions on his record. and now he's got a trial coming up in december that could bring him to his fifth. but the unidentified man has not been charged with miriam's death. she will be laid to rest in chicago today. it's 5:46. this is for all of us who are trying to battle the aging process. forget plastic surgery or botox. a local hospital found a way to add years to your life and improve your appearance without going under the knife. a book club called better health by the book. health reporter kelly swoope has details. >> reporter: phillips beck knows exercise is critical if she wants to remain healthy but getting it in isn't easy. >> it's work time. i mean, have i a very busy job that keeps me running probably 50, 60 hours a week. that's my biggest problem because when i get home i'm tired. >> reporter: on this day beck gets in a few laps at the gym
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at good samaritan hospital. as a health professional she doesn't want to become what she sees. >> i see a lot of chronic conditions that are aggravated by weight, diet, and lack of exercise. >> i don't have time for it but i make time. >> reporter: in addition to making time for exercise, karen is making time to help you age more gracefully. she's the community outreach nurse at good samaritan hospital and is starting a book club. it's called better health by the book. >> i'm really excited because it's a chance for people to get together and hopefully get revved up and excited about getting healthy. one page in the book you open it up and it says "first rule, you exercise six days a week, an hour a day, no ifs, ands or buts, that's the rule." if people could just do half of that, it would be wonderful. >> reporter: she says exercise is the key, you carnt change your age but you can modify how your body ages.
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>> a lot of stuff about our health we can't control but we can control our diet and how much activity you get. your cells will be younger. it's on a physiological level. it's from the inside. it's being younger from the inside out. >> reporter: phyllis beck is ready to feel younger. she signed up for the book club hoping this will be a step in the right direction. kelly swoope, "2 your health." >> "better health by the book" meets november 3rd in hunt valley at greetings and readings. for more information, check out the screen, 443-444-4100. new york is a jungle. new york is a jungle. new york is a dark place. >> alicia keys is shining the light. going from the recording studio to the lecture hall. today in new york she kicks off the element of freedom, the lecture and performance series at nyu's skirball center for the performing arts. her publicist says it offers
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people to get firsthand information from keys on how she applies the element of freedom into her creative process and life in general. one of new jersey's biggest rock stars is reaching out to his youngest fans. jon bon jovi was in camden helping volunteers build a new school playground. his foundation is trying to boost the city that consistently ranks as one of the nation's most impoverished. the group is also giving money to turn vacant lots into landscaped public spaces. >> natalie and alec. >> she won't be going for the gold on "dancing with the stars." the olympic swimmer and her professional partner were eliminated last night. the pairs paid a special tribute to michael jackson, whose mother and siblings watched from the front row in the ballroom.
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we start with the temperature map across the mid-atlantic. temperatures fairly uniform from baltimore to richmond, norfolk, up to philly, mid to upper 40s. 56 in new york. back into our west not much different. as we're checking out the weather maps you can actually see we're basically clear, we're very quiet and high pressure still in control that's a good thing. very, very good thing to talk about on the weather map. high pressure dominating across the eastern seaboard, the same one that helped to bring in the chill. now we get the return flow. winds are rotating around high pressure clockwise bringing that west-to-southwesterly wind, that gives us the warm-up and a great couple of days ahead. if you enjoyed yesterday's 70 you'll love the next couple of days. we're looking at the next weather system across the great lakes. it dives across the central plains. slowly bumping against that air mass. these high pressure yours like to park themselves off the east coast this is going to take time to move away. it will take until the weekend
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to get that weather system lingering just off the edge of our screen. our forecast model here and timeline takes us through the day today. through the day tomorrow. on into friday morning. that is when the clouds really start to build in. depending on how early the clouds get in friday we could actually halt the temperatures and it can hold us down quite a bit. showers arriving late in the day. get set for wet weather at least for the first part of the weekend. mostly sunny, 2-degree guarantee to 73 degrees. that is running about six to seven degrees above normal. tonight near 50. for tomorrow we are expecting mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy in the afternoon, as that weather system tries to approach from the west. at least some high clouds will get thrown in the sky. still looking for a high at least into the mid-70s. the weekend outlook in a couple of minutes. right now 5:51. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. quiet morning on the roads so far, equals a quiet morning on twitter but you can follow me anyway, as we look at the outer loop, traffic is moving pretty good.
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we have building volume on southbound 795 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway but again no problems so far to let you know about on 695 or at the tunnels. southbound on the harrisburg expressway is pretty good as well too. no problems so far on 95 or on the bw parkway. as we peek at cold spring lane headed southbound towards downtown baltimore traffic looks great at this hour. back to you. you have eight minutes to get out the door at 6:00. still ahead, an annual ritual for the ages. this birthday boy says he's getting better with age. it didn't matter your size, we're going to find out why these seasoned vets are wearing these crazy costumes. that caught your attention? - hey, buddy. - hi, dad.
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an 80-year-old man is taking his party straight to the bowling alley. yesterday floyd burns bowled one game for each year of his life. look at him. >> yeah! right in the pocket. >> i would rather bowl than eat when i'm hungry. >> i love it. on his 78th birthday it took floyd about 12 hours to bowl 78 games with a score of 214. this year he did it in less time and got a higher score. not bad. floyd says his secret to a happy life, always think young and positive. >> very nice. >> good for him. >> let's see what he does here. come on, floyd. >> got it! ? little spin. oh -- nice. good for him. 80 years old. here's justin berk. you were a good bowler i bet. >> i actually have a ball with my name etched in it that my wife makes fun of all the time, thank you very much. i hope that 218 was not a
5:57 am
combined score. i have the shoes. the whole story. look, different life in the past. 73 degrees this afternoon. we've got ourselves a mostly sunny sky. don't bowl inside, go outside. boccie ball, that's what you should do. 50 overnight. 74 tomorrow. we're looking for temperatures back in the 60s with thickening clouds on friday. some rain by the afternoon or evening. could be a wet day but we'll push 67 saturday. between 55 and 60 as we round off the weekend and head through early next week. it is 5:57. thank goodness the show is almost over. i could get in more trouble here. back with more "good morning maryland" on this wednesday morning after this.
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another stay at home day at school for your child. the swine flu is really keeping the kids in the sick bed now.


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